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Storytelling in a Hospice

Books for Hospices

Thursday 30 Nov 2017

In addition to some wonderful thank you cards, we have received the following quotes.

“Young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions, particularly those with PMLD and multi-sensory conditions, often get donations but rarely are they suitable or adaptable to the specific limitations of these young people’s conditions. Bag Books however have got it just right with their sensory and interactive stories and to have them donated means so much to us. The stories give so much pleasure and indeed learning experiences and so much fun! That in itself is priceless.” Little Harbour Children’s Hospice, Cornwall.

“As a charity we rely heavily on the good will and generous donations of others, and gifts like these really do go a long way to enhance the quality of lives for some of our patients which is a real joy to be part of.” Ellenor Children’s Hospice, Kent.