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Captain Starlight

Book commissions - Australia

Thursday 30 Nov 2017

Bag Books has also received a commission from the Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia to create a bespoke multi-sensory book based on Captain Starlight, the Foundation’s mascot.  This follows a visit from a member of the Starlight team to observe some Bag Books storytelling in the UK earlier this year.

Laura from Starlight explains, “I’ve worked for Starlight for nearly eight years and over that time I have noticed a gap in our provision for severely disabled children. I realised that they miss out on the mythology of who Captain Starlight is and why he is our mascot. After observing Bag Books in action, I realised that a multi-sensory books would be the perfect way to bring the Captain Starlight story to life!”

The Starlight Children’s Foundation aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families in Australia. They have successfully secured funding and the new book has been written. The Bag Books team look forward to creating the new bespoke book and working alongside the Foundation to bringing the story of Captain Starlight to the attention of children with profound learning disabilities in Australia.