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The Year So Far

Thursday 26 Apr 2018

2018 has seen a busy start to the year for Bag Books. Our 11 regional multi-sensory storytellers have told stories to over 2,000 people with learning disabilities in the first three months of the year.

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from teachers highlighting how much Bag Books stories continue to be enjoyed and bring benefit to those who use them.

“The sensory aspect was brilliant and helped the students stay engaged. I was surprised that all students interacted and enjoyed the stories and followed instructions through sound and touch. In the longer term we will use more.”

“All the children loved the sensory part of the story. They showed excitement for each prop and waited their turn patiently. All 100% engaged. One child, who usually shows little reaction in lesson, showed anticipation for the pig and actively played with the props in the zoo story. She also followed the prop around the circle with her eyes. Another child finds it difficult to stay focused and she remained in her seat the whole session. In the longer term this will help with] understanding stories. It was excellent and everyone really enjoyed it.”

The workshop has also had a very busy few months with 350 books made in the first three months aided by our highest ever number of volunteer days.

The team have been working hard putting the final touches the bespoke Arsenal Foundation book, The Home Match. Twenty five copies will soon be on their way to special schools and day centres in North London, with some copies remaining at Arsenal in its dedicated community area, The Hub. One will also take pride of place in Arsenal’s new multi-sensory room overlooking the pitch at the Emirates Stadium. It has been a pleasure working with Arsenal on this project and we know the book will be enjoyed by the benefiting schools and day centres for years to come.

Bag Books is delighted to announce that Jan Stogdon has taken up the role of Chair of Trustees. Jan is the former Head of a special school in Lambeth and has been a Trustee of Bag Books for seven years so brings valuable knowledge and experience to her new role. Former Chair, Philip Wilson will continue as a Trustee and Bag Books would like to thank him for steering the charity so well over the last 14 years.

In other news, Bag Books has received funding to create two new multi-sensory books. One, with an allotment theme, is in the early stages of production so watch this space.

2018 will see Bag Books celebrate its 25th birthday. What an exciting year it promises to be. Many thanks to all our supporters and volunteers – without you, none of it would be possible.