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Multi-Sensory Books and Other Items

Item: He's A Winner

A story for Children, Teenagers and Adults. Storyboards also available in Welsh.

Jim goes to the supermarket to buy milk. He wins a trolley-dash and gets some really smelly cheese but will he remember the milk?


Milk on mobile / Bag on hook / Trolley handle / Sliding doors / Speaker and sound / String of tins / Wallet & pocket / Cheese & smell / Gong with beater / Milk in trolley / Smile

Information for Teachers

Our classic books have a number of common curriculum elements.

In addition, this particular story has the following elements:

  • MILK - English - former P4 reading, former P6 speaking, Listening to phonics - former P6-P8, former P4 writing
  • Our 1000th Customer - Number sequencing (1st to last ) Maths - former P8
  • Wallet - Maths (money and time) - former P5-7

Terms and Conditions

Our UK prices are heavily subsidised through UK fundraising and typically reflect under half of our actual production costs. For non-UK prices and shipping costs, please e-mail us

Our multi-sensory books are hand-made to order so please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

We are able to issue pro-forma invoices should this help with budgets. All our multi-sensory books and the DVD are subject to VAT at the Standard Rate. However, purchasers of multi-sensory books for use by a named individual may be entitled to claim a VAT exemption – please ask us for a declaration form or download it from and send it in with this order.