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A tweet from Ysgol Tir Morfa, Rhyl

Don't take our word for it

Friday 21 Jun 2019

Across the UK there are 725 special schools catering for pupils with severe or profound & multiple learning disabilities. We aim to run demonstration storytelling sessions at each school every five years so we fundraise for about 150 visits each year. We receive statistics back from the observing teachers so we know that over 96% of children are judged by them to have benefited from the storytelling but it's the comments that we receive from them that keep us going:

“A pupil who is usually very insular was loving this session. I've never seen him as interested in a lesson. He loved the sensory stuff. He was smiling and giggling and participating 100%. Fantastic!" Vermont School, Southampton.

“The pupils experienced a different story and resources very appropriate for their learning abilities. All thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Two pupils were very focused on listening and watching the storyteller. Three other pupils were very interested in what was on the pages – touching, pulling, exploring. One pupil followed the storyteller and laughed when approached and explored pages.” Lansbury Bridge School, St. Helens.

“Students in this class generally find literacy a difficult subject to engage with so a completely different and dramatic style of storytelling really caught their imagination. Overall they all interacted better than expected. Joined in and enjoyed doing so. The staff in class have now seen the Bag Books in action so we will be able to use our own pack properly. This means all students can get a sensory story often. We found it very enjoyable and helpful. Staff feeling quite inspired.” Inscape House School, Cheadle.

“It made me realise that we (the staff) can overcomplicate things. Seeing the pupils’ reactions was brilliant. It was great to see two pupils, who rarely engage, be extremely focussed.” Hazel Court School, Eastbourne.

“They really enjoyed the interaction and individual attention, but also watching the reaction of others. They were all extremely engaged. One young person who doesn't like to touch things independently put her hand up every time the Storyteller came round to her." Foreland Fields School, Ramsgate.

“All five pupils sat in a circle and explored the textured objects, smells etc. One pupil sat throughout the two stories and explored all objects which is amazing as he does not sit on his chair usually for more than a minute. Brilliant session.” Kingsley High School, Harrow.

“They were able to sit and focus and take turns for a sustained period. They loved the props and were very eagerly anticipating the next part of the story. So many smiles! All of the children were able to focus for longer than expected. The staff will be able now to begin using the Bag Books regularly as part of their daily story time. It was incredible!!!!” Colnbrook School, Watford.