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Discover the Magic of DIY Sensory Stories with Bag Books

Thursday 04 Jul 2024

A Sensory Experience Like No Other

Our range includes both “Classic” and “At Home” design books where all sensory elements are provided for you. However, our DIY Sensory Stories offer a unique, hands-on approach. In these stories, the storyteller gathers the necessary items, most of which are everyday objects you likely already have or can easily and affordably obtain. We also suggest alternatives for certain elements, making it convenient and adaptable for any home setting.

Perfect for One-to-One Storytelling

Our stories are crafted to be used in a one-to-one setting, allowing parents or carers to create a personalized and interactive storytelling experience. This approach ensures that individuals with severe learning disabilities receive the focused attention and engagement they need to fully enjoy and benefit from the story.

Introducing "Tommy's Big Olympic Adventure

As we gear up for Paris 2024, we are thrilled to announce the release of our newest DIY Sensory Story, "Tommy's Big Olympic Adventure." This story invites you to join Tommy on a thrilling journey through the Olympic Games, filled with excitement and sensory-rich experiences. From feeling the breeze as Tommy prepares for his race to the sensation of sand as he takes a long jump, each moment is designed to captivate and inspire.

Download "Tommy's Big Olympic Adventure" today and bring the magic of the Olympics to your home!


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