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Photo of Sir Michael Morpurgo proposing a toast to Bag Books

25 Years of Bag Books

Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

We celebrated our 25th birthday as a charity in 2018. Since we began operating in 1993 we have made nearly 19,000 multi-sensory books. We aim to visit every one of the 700 plus special schools across the UK every five years and over the past five years we have received feedback from nearly 3,000 special needs teachers in those schools. They collectively observed nearly 20,000 of their pupils and judged that 98% of those children had benefited from the Bag Books multi-sensory storytelling session.

Our Patron, author Sir Michael Morpurgo, hosted a party in our workshop to celebrate. Before proposing a toast he said, "There can be no more difficult task than to reach people who have difficulty in reaching you. What this extraordinary organisation has done is to reach across the gap and to do it through stories. It's an ingenious concept but it's a concept based on great hope and great faith that you can improve and enrich the lives of those who seem to need it most. The invention is nothing if it isn't carried on and what's been really extraordinary is that clearly it's growing and I think it's the spirit in this room that is enabling that to continue." You can watch Sir Michael's speech in full.