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Photograph of the DAC Beachcroft volunteers

Volunteering for Bag Books

Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

Volunteers now supply over a third of the labour required to make our books. One of our funders, John Lyon's Charity, commissioned a film about volunteering for Bag Books. The film was launched at our 25th Birthday party and can be viewed at . We have two main types of volunteers:

Remote volunteers who work from home and post their work to us or occasionally bring it in. This is mainly knitting tasks as it's time consuming but light enough to post. However we do also have a couple of woodworkers who produce items in their sheds and then drive in every few months with a load.

In-house volunteers who come into our workshop in Vauxhall usually on a regular day each week. The tasks here are quite varied and are best described as "Blue Peter" craft jobs such as cutting things out with scissors and sticking them down with tape. The main thing is that it's pretty varied work done in a social, friendly workshop.

Our in-house volunteers are sometimes joined by corporate volunteers who visit the workshop usually on a one-off basis for a team-building day. One recent corporate team from law firm DAC Beachcroft are pictured. We are their Charity Of The Year so they have been busy fundraising for us as well as coming along to help make multi-sensory books.

For more details please visit our volunteering page