Free - Do It Yourself multi-sensory books

All our stories consist of just a few lines, with every line being accompanied by some form of sensory element, such as something to touch, a sound, a smell, or a physical interaction with the storyteller. In our “Classic” and “At Home” design books these elements are provided, but with our DIY stories, the storyteller will need to gather the items themselves. The objects are things that you will probably already have or which can be easily and cheaply obtained. Each storyboard also mentions alternatives that could be used for certain elements.

The stories are designed to be used at home by a parent/carer in a one-to-one setting with a person with severe learning disabilities. Each storyboard also conatins a link to a film where you can watch an example of the story being told. We'd love to hear your feedback about the stories, please email

The stories are free to download but to unlock the PDF files a one off registration is required. REGISTER HERE FIRST and you will be taken to a webpage displaying the PDF links to all the stories.