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Photo from one of the example films

Our popular DIY range

Friday 21 Jun 2019

In 2014 we launched a free "Do-It-Yourself" range of multi-sensory stories to complement our traditional range of workshop constructed multi-sensory books. Initially there were five titles:

  • A Snowy Day
  • Don’t Say Egg!
  • Moving Day
  • The Alien Planet
  • Party In The Sky

and a further two have since been added:

  • The Secret Ingredient
  • The Three Little Pigs

Aimed at parents/carers for home use on a one-to-one basis, the seven storyboards can be downloaded for free from our website following a simple registration process. The downloaded pdf file contains the storyboard, instructions, suggested items to use and a link to watch an example film of the story being told.

The storyteller gathers the items used in the story themselves but they are things that many people will already have or which can be found easily and cheaply. Each storyboard also mentions alternatives that could be used for certain elements.

Since launch over 24,000 copies of the storyboards have been downloaded. To register and download them yourself visit