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    Bag Books is the only charity in the world publishing multi-sensory books for people with learning disabilities.

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    Bag Books hosts multi-sensory storytelling sessions at special schools, adult day centres, libraries, hospices and museums throughout the UK. Around 5,000 people take part in our multi-sensory storytelling sessions each year.

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    Bag Books trains others - teachers, parents and carers - in multi-sensory storytelling technique. We train over 300 people each year.

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    Michael Morpurgo has been a Patron of Bag Books since 2002. The best-selling author of War Horse made an appeal on our behalf on BBC Radio 4.

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    Bag Books are for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities and are told through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures.

Bag Books provides multi-sensory books and storytelling for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities. Our stories are told through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures.