Strategic Plans for Bag Books

Bag Books was founded in 1993. The Memorandum of Association states the following objects: "to promote the recreation and education of children and adults with special learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities in particular through the use of tactile books and related material in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life."

In October 2008, the Trustees adopted the following aims and objectives which were last reviewed in August 2017:

Mission. A summary of the long-term change or difference we want to make.  

  • To enhance the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities through the use of multi-sensory books.

Impact. The broader and longer-term changes relating to our mission.

  • The inclusion of people with learning disabilities in genuinely accessible learning, social and leisure activities.
  • Advancing learning, in particular communication, for people with learning disabilities.
  • Improved quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

Specific Aims. The benefits or changes we are trying to achieve. Outcomes. The changes or benefits that take place as a result of our work relating to our specific aims.

  • To motivate children and adults with learning disabilities to engage with objects and materials, and their peers.
  1. Increased attention, recognition and anticipation.
  2. Increased enjoyment and engagement.
  3. Increasing awareness of peers.
  4. Improved interaction and communication skills.
  5. Increased motivation to explore objects and materials.
  • To develop the language, communication and motor skills of children and adults with learning disabilities.
  1. Greater communication of enjoyment and pleasure.
  2. Greater physical involvement with story resources.
  3. Improved ability to make a choice and/or carry out simple instructions.
  4. Increased understanding of sharing and turn taking.
  5. Improved motor skills.
  • To develop the emotional perception of children and adults with learning disabilities.
  1. Heightened and extended level of arousal and interest.
  2. Increased awareness of, and empathy with, emotional experiences.
  • To enable professional workers and parent/carers in contact with children and adults with learning disabilities to make use of tactile and multi-sensory books.
  1. Increased awareness of the benefits of multi-sensory story-telling technique.
  2. Improved communication with people who have learning disabilities.
  3. An opportunity to work with others e.g. parents or teachers.
  4. Increased awareness and confidence for those not in regular contact with people who have learning disabilities e.g. librarians.
  • To enable children and adults with learning disabilities to be involved in story development and production.
  1. Improved fine motor skills.
  2. Development of workshop knowledge e.g. how tools work and which tasks they relate to.
  3. Development of social skills.
  4. Broader boundary of experience.
  5. Reduce tactile defensiveness (people with learning disabilities often develop an aversion to touch) and of handling tools and materials.
  6. Increased pride in achievements.

Objectives. The methods or activities by which we achieve our aims. Outputs. The work generated by the charity relating to our objectives.

  • To promote multi-sensory storytelling within the academic, library, adult day centre, health and special educational fields.
  1. Articles in journals.
  2. Attendance at specialist exhibitions.
  3. Providing workshops at conferences.
  • To develop a range of appropriate literature for children and adults with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities.
  1. New child stories.
  2. New teenager/adult stories.
  3. New “At Home” books.
  • To produce multi-sensory books to a high standard in order to promote storytelling.
  1. Books produced.
  • To organise a programme of multi-sensory storytelling sessions across the UK.
  1. Storytelling sessions for children.
  2. Storytelling sessions for adults.
  3. Feedback reports.
  • To train parent/carers and professional workers in the learning disability field as multi-sensory storytellers.
  1. Training sessions.
  2. Feedback reports.
  • To provide story production craft experience opportunities to people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities.
  1. “Build-a-Book” craft experience sessions.

Inputs. The resources we put into the charity which directly affect the quality and level of our outputs.

  • A wide base of Trustee skills and experience.
  • Staff and volunteer time, experience, skills and research.
  • A well-equipped workshop.
  • Funding to subsidise costs.
  • A range of promotional materials such as a general leaflet about our work, website and display stands.
  • A range of training aids such as a DVD and training notes.

Strategy documents

You can download our full Strategic and Business Plan 2017-2021 (325KB PFD) which was agreed by the Trustees in August 2017.