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  • Photograph of the DAC Beachcroft volunteers Volunteering for Bag Books

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 Over the past two years the number of days donated by volunteers has more than doubled and they are now at an all-time high.

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  • Photograph of Sandra Sandra Allon

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 Sandra was a Trustee for over nine years until she sadly passed away in the summer.

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  • Photograph of several flat Desmonds on a Thai statue Lesley Cousins

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 We were sad to learn that Lesley, one of our regular knitters has passed away.

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  • Photograph of the wooden clock Bags of time

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 We received a wooden, bag-shaped clock as a 25th birthday present.

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  • Photograph of the new story Carrot Cake

    Thursday 05 Jul 2018 Our latest story, "Anna’s Allotment Bake" will be available in the Autumn.

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  • Photograph of the pop festival BS Fest

    Thursday 05 Jul 2018 The first ever pop festival in aid of Bag Books raises over £12,000.

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