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  • Photo of the new book Queen of the Stables

    Friday 21 Jun 2019 We are just putting the finishing touches to our latest story, "Queen of the Stables" which features a horse called Priscilla.

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  • Photo of Ruth Ruth Manny

    Friday 21 Jun 2019 We were sad to learn that one of our long-standing knitters, Ruth Manny, had passed away.

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  • Photograph of a Build-a-Book session Build-a-Book

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 Over the past year we have visited 32 adult day centres and care homes with our Build-a-Book project.

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  • Photograph of the DAC Beachcroft volunteers Volunteering for Bag Books

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 Over the past two years the number of days donated by volunteers has more than doubled and they are now at an all-time high.

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