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  • Photograph of Sandra Sandra Allon

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 Sandra was a Trustee for over nine years until she sadly passed away in the summer.

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  • Photograph of several flat Desmonds on a Thai statue Lesley Cousins

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 We were sad to learn that Lesley, one of our regular knitters has passed away.

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  • Photograph of the wooden clock Bags of time

    Wednesday 21 Nov 2018 We received a wooden, bag-shaped clock as a 25th birthday present.

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  • Photograph of the new story Carrot Cake

    Thursday 05 Jul 2018 Our latest story, "Anna’s Allotment Bake" will be available in the Autumn.

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  • Photograph of the pop festival BS Fest

    Thursday 05 Jul 2018 The first ever pop festival in aid of Bag Books raises over £12,000.

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  • Photograph of Jan Jan in the chair

    Thursday 05 Jul 2018 Former Headteacher, Jan Stogdon, has taken up the role of Chair of Trustees at Bag Books.

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