Multi-sensory Books

Photograph of The Haircut multi-sensory book

Bag Books are very different to conventional books. Each story contains a number of un-bound ‘pages’ – A3 boards – each comprising a different multi-sensory experience. These pages are bought together by a simple but captivating storyline of just a few short sentences. Listeners are encouraged to explore the different sensory experiences, often hand over hand with the storyteller.

Each of the Bag Books stories takes the listener on a journey to discover new textures, sounds, smells and movements.

Every Bag Book is handmade from scratch by a team of skilled craft artists and volunteers and takes an average seven hours to make.

Bag Books are designed for children, teenagers and adults who cannot benefit from mainstream books. They are used in special schools, libraries, adult day centres and residential homes, children’s hospices, hospitals and at home. They can be told on a one-to-one basis or in groups of up to eight people.

Multi-sensory books encourage the listener to become involved in the story. They take the listener on a journey to explore a range of sensory experiences all designed to engage the key senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and motion.

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