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Photograph of using a hammer in a Build A Book session

This project involves including children and adults with learning disabilities in the production of a Bag Books story.

Some years ago, Bag Books offered a number of work experience sessions in our workshop for adults with severe learning disabilities. This was very successful and rewarding for those involved - empowering them to make decisions, however small, and providing a sense of achievement. Keen to renew this opportunity and to extend it to a greater number of people, we launched our Build-a-Book project.

Two members of the Bag Books team spend a full day in a special school or adult day centre running a craft workshop. Participants learn various craft techniques to create a bespoke copy of a book called The Queen's Visit.

Bag Books strongly believes in creating a culture of inclusion of people with special needs - encouraging them to participate in mainstream activities where possible. The Build-a-Book project enables that. It engages participants in an alternative, fun and rewarding activity. Participants learn new skills and use new materials and equipment. By creating something for ongoing use in the school by themselves and their peers, it also gives participants a sense of empowerment and ownership.

Due to staffing issues we are unfortunately only able to offer this project to schools and day centres in London and the surrounding counties.