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Tall Stories

Tall Stories

Although we produce a number of books aimed at adults, until 2010 the majority of our storytelling and training had been with children.

In 2010 we began trailling our Tall Stories project with the prize money received in winning the Guardian Charity Awards in 2010. It was a great success and the project was fully launched in 2011. It involves hosting storytelling sessions in adult day centres and residential homes. It was initially funded by a few regional funders but we than received a large grant from the Big Lottery Fund enabling us to cover the whole of England. Other funders then came on board to make sure that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland didn't miss out.

As part of the Tall Stories project, each day centre or residential home receives three separate visits from one of our multi-sensory storytellers. Each session comprises a combination of multi-sensory storytelling and staff training. Each centre/home also receives two multi-sensory books for ongoing use and a training manual.

We estimate that we have now visited over half of the adult day centres in the UK with this project.