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Children's Hospices

Photograph of a storytelling session at a children's hospice with family members looking on

The majority of children with profound and multiple learning disabilities also have severe physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy or rett syndrome. Over 90% have mobility problems, 70% have epilepsy, 65% have hearing problems and over 30% have breathing problems. Many will not survive into adulthood.

Many of these children will use hospices for either end of life or respite care. Bag Books has extended its programme of multi-sensory storytelling to include children's hospices. Each participating hospice receives a half-day visit from one of our experienced multi-sensory storytellers. They also receive a training manual and two multi-sensory books. This enables staff, parents and carers to continue storytelling at the hospices beyond the end of the project.

To date Bag Books has visited 95% of all the children's hospices in the UK but most are now eager for a second visit.