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Corporate support for Bag Books

Bag Books is fortunate to benefit from the support of a wide range of companies. Corporate support is a vital source of income for Bag Books and helps us to fund a range of projects including Build-a-Book and visits to children's hospices.

By choosing Bag Books as your charity partner you will be helping us to reach out to many more children and adults with profound learning disabilities.

Some benefits of choosing Bag Books as your charity partner:

  • Bag Books is a national charity with local projects across the UK.
  • As a small charity, your support will make a very real and tangible difference.
  • Measurable impact. Bag Books provides full reports with case studies highlight the difference company support has made.
  • Creativity is key. Bag Books is a creative charity and we are committed to engaging our corporate supporters in the multi-sensory book making process.

There are many ways your company can get involved with supporting Bag Books:

  • Make a corporate donation.
  • Staff fundraising.
  • Sponsor one of our multi-sensory books.
  • Payroll Giving.
  • Gifts in kind.
  • Corporate volunteering.

For more information about corporate fundraising, please contact Lucy Barrett, Chief Executive, email: